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Klein Bottle

.Seven Klein Bottles in a Row! Klein Stein Top Mouth Erlenmeyer Klein Bottle Question Mark Klein Bottle Erlenmeyer Klein Bottle Big Classical Klein Bottle Medium Classical Klein Bottle Baby Klein Bottle

At last, Acme has conquered topological and engineering frontiers to manufacture genuine glass Klein Bottles. These are the finest closed, non-orientable, boundary-free manifolds sold anywhere in our three spatial dimensions.

These elegant bottles make splendid gifts, outstanding classroom displays, and inferior mouse-traps. With its circle of singularities, an Acme Klein Bottle can be said to exist inside of itself -- especially handy during time-reversals.

A mathematician's delight, handcrafted in glass

... from your Zero Volume Klein Bottle distributor

Perfect Gift - Stylish Klein Bottle Hats and Mobuis Scarf!

Drinking Mug Klein Bottle

Quench your thirst from a Klein Stein

Wine Bottle - Klein Bottle

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Special -- I will write a custom message on your glass Klein bottle using a Sharpie pen (or, if you wish, sign my name on it). No charge for this -- just mention it at checkout.

At last - I've made the Acme Wine Bottle Klein Bottle - it's now in stock!

Self-siphoning Cup of Tantalus and a Topless Teapot

Polyhedron Posters! Plenty of Polyhedra

Do you accept the axiom of choice? Then ask about our special TWO-FOR-ONE sale, available during any total eclipse.

An Acme Klein Bottle is a perfect gift for a mathematician, computer scientist, or troglodyte. In Germany, it's called a Kleinsche Flasche. A Klein Bottle makes a great math gift and an ideal present for a mathematician!

Origami Klein Bottles? Yep! Also, check out my Klein Bottle Slicing Machine

We made the world's largest glass Klein Bottle for the Kingbridge Centre!

Cliff Stoll with giant Klein Bottle

Answer to my most commonly asked questions:

1) Yes, I am Cliff Stoll, and I make and sell Klein Bottles.

2) Yes, I regularly send these to countries around the world.

3) Yes, you can safely order from this website, and I will send your Klein bottle within 24 hours.

4) Yes, I pack each one very securely to survive the post; I guarantee safe, speedy delivery.

5) If you are unhappy with your Klein bottle, I will refund your money.

6) If this is a gift, I'll print "Happy Birthday" (or whatever you want) on the packing slip. If you wish, I'll write your message on the bottle with a Sharpie pen.

7) Yes, I do the work myself, with occasional help from my son Danny, my daughter Zoe, and my wife Pat. But I no longer do much of the hot glass work.

8) Yes, you are welcome to visit if you are travelling to San Francisco/Berkeley. Call first (510 654 3958)

9) Yes, there are many math jokes on this website, but despite that, I really do sell Klein bottles

10) Yes, my son Danny and I designed each of these bottles ourselves. Our designs are copyright © by Cliff Stoll.

11) My website looks old-fashioned because it loads faster this way and I'm too lazy to update it. I last updated it on February 2, 2016 2:20 PM

12) Yes, that's me in the (video/book/talk/college/bowling alley)

-Cliff Stoll in Oakland (two blocks from Berkeley and 10 km east of San Francisco)

COMMITTED TO TRANSPARENCY! International and transgalactic organizations require transparency and openness-- Acme is proud to offer FULLY TRANSPARENT Klein Bottles that are OPEN and VISIBLE. We certify that NOTHING IS HIDDEN INSIDE YOUR ACME KLEIN BOTTLE!

Our "M&M's in a Klein Bottle Contest" is closed

My email troubles: I receive huge amouts of spam. I never send out any spam. If you write to me, I may not see your email unless you include the phrase "klein bottle" in the subject. My replies to your may end up in your spam folder, so plese include my address in your list ofPermitted Senders.

If you order from me, my system should immediately send an automated confirmation to you.Within a few hours, you should receive a non-automated email from me, with the return address of kleinbottle aaattatattt kleinbottle ddoatatdot com. That second email will have a tracking number in it, as well as a link to photos of the package that I'm sending to you. If you don't see that second email within a day of ordering, please check your spam/junk mail folder!

HOW TO GET EMAIL TO CLIFF: Send me email - KLEINBOTTLE aa ttt KLEINBOTTLE (ddoott] COM Important: to get through layers of my spam filters, please mention "Klein Bottle" in the subject of your email and also in the body of your text. Please use plain text without html. Email with subjects like "Hello Cliff"or "Do you ship to Antarctica?" will be delayed for a day or three, until I look at my spam folder.

HOW TO RECEIVE EMAIL FROM CLIFF: Iif you purchase anything from me, or write to me, please add kleinbottle aa ttt kleinbottle (ddooott) com to your Permitted Senders. This is especially important if you use gmail, hotmail, or AOL. Much of my email to these mailboxes gets blocked as spam, which annoys me greatly, especially when I spend half an hour composing an email and it winds up in the gutter.

Acme Klein Bottles by Cliff Stoll, (and Pat, Zoey, & Danny Stoll) 6270 Colby St. Oakland, CA 94618 USA phone 510 654 3958 (a real family business operated out of our home. Please call ahead if you plan to visit!)

Acme Klein Bottles - where yesterday's future is here today!

Seeking a topological solution to the global financial crisis? Help the world economy by purchasing an Acme Klein Bottle!

We last updated this page on February 2, 2016

If you're looking for ordinary bottles, you're knocking on the wrong door! Visit a real bottle maker to purchase wholesale bottles or plastic bottles. They're good people at ebottles - endorsed by Acme!

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Now with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE - we guarantee that you will live your entire life OR YOUR MONEY BACK!.

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