Acme's Big Classical Klein Bottle

Cliff Stoll holding a big glass Klein Bottle

A Klein Bottle filled with Red Wine, with an egg and onion to show size

Here's what Felix Klein had in mind back in 1882, when he first dreamed of a closed, one-sided surface. It's elegantly curved, with a side loop making a transverse puncture at the nexus. An Acme Classical Klein Bottle is big enough to show to a classroom, yet slides easily into your backpack for trips across the Yukon.

With its center of gravity directly over its base, your Acme Classical Klein Bottle stands on its own -- no need for extraneous stands, complex levitation apparatus, or unreliable anti-gravity fields. Indeed, in the absence of external forces, its polhode rolls without slipping on the herpolhode lying in the invariable plane.

Unlike those inferior 4-dimensional Klein Bottles, you can fill your ACME Klein Bottle with water! An ordinary wine bottle cork fits the mouth, so you can completely fill the reservoir and side arm with no leakage. Click here for filling instructions.


This timeless exemplar of topological genius and glass blowing artistry costs just $73 - only slightly more than the value of Lehman Brothers Bank!

Because these are handmade, no two glass Klein Bottles are identical. One may be slightly taller, thinner, or might have slightly different curves. (Sorta like humans. Except that people aren't usually onesided. Politicians excluded.) In our photos, various pencils, eggs, onions, and bananas are used to show the size, quality, and versatility of each Klein Bottle. Please consider these as serving suggestions.

Like Acme's other fine Klein Bottles, this is handcrafted from the purest Borosilicate Glass ... Pyrex, Kimax, Bomex, or Simax. It has a bulk density: 2.23 gm/cm3 and expands just 0.000326% per degree C. This means that it'll shrink only a few microns when you trek from Tucson to Nome. Nor should you worry about it dissolving -- we have tested samples in water, acetone, and Jello.

How do we deliver such great manifolds? Volume! Volume! Volume!

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