Conditions of Acme's Unconditional Guarantee:

We at Acme Klein Bottle strive to create the finest nonorientable surfaces and hope that you will be satisfied with your new Acme manifold. We are pleased to offer this UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE complete with these conditions:

In addition, Acme provides this exclusive LIFETIME GUARANTEE: We guarantee that you will live your entire lifetime, or double your money back.
Acme's unconditional guarantee has the condition that we do not warrant any Klein bottle against the actions of cats, ferrets, or axolotls. We will NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for any incidents relating to these beasts of burden whatsoever in any form or spatial dimensions.
All other warranties, express and implied, are null and void except during total solar eclipses. Purchaser shall have the option at his, hers, or its sole discretion, to try to collect on this guarantee. Guarantee void if a substantial portion of the Klein bottle leaks into the 4th dimension. The big print giveth and the small print taketh away.

We do honor our warranty: A Los Angeles math teacher (Loma Linda Academy) recently wrote, "Much to my dismay, my Klein Bottle unsuccessfully tried to leap into two-dimensional space..." She sent a fragment of a broken bottle, and we immediately shipped a brand new Klein Bottle to her. Of course, it helped that she enclosed a crisp $10 bill.

Dateline Brunswick, Maine: July 15, 1999. A Mathematics Department in an unmentioned college discovered a crack in their Acme Klein Bottle, apparently due to partial delamination of silicon dioxide bonds. The departmental secretary reported this incident to Acme's Bureau of Broken Bottles, which initiated a high-level investigation. After a departmental check arrived for $10, a new manifold immediately appeared at the aforeunmentioned Academic Institution, hand-delivered by a uniformed deliveryperson.

Acme's guarantee works even in the Southern Hemisphere. On August 3, 1999, an Australian mathematician noticed a crack in the bottom of his Acme Klein Bottle, apparently from the shock in an already dimensionally impoverished device suddenly coming to terms a reversal of the Coriolis force during shipping. Acme's trained troupe of topological troglodytes quickly shipped him a new Klein Bottle, with no questions asked.

June 7, 2000: After several years of selling Klein Bottles, Acme has finally received a return. The guy didn't say why he wanted his money back, but after 2 months, he sent his manifold back, so Acme's Department of Adjustments, Ameliorations, and Aluminum Anacondas airmailed him a check for 40 bucks.

July 15, 2001: Yikes! An Klein Bottle cracked in transit. Two hours after the crack was discovered in Ames, Iowa, Acme's trained crew of Topological Troglodytes had sent a replacment. Result: a happy mid-western mathematician.

December 18, 2003: A Klein Bottle broke in Texas. We sent out a replacement the same day.

April 10, 2008: Yikes - can a Klein Bottle get lost? Apparently one did, in the mail. I sent a replacment out immedately.

October 2, 2013: A package was returned with a cracked Klein bottle - the mathematician wants a replacement. No problem - sending it out t'morrow morning.

August 12, 2015:: Can a Klein Stein break? Apparently so. I replaced it the same day. No problem Fred.

August 18, 2018: I'm sorry that one of those Klein bottles broke, Austin. I sent the replacment immediately.

Oct 13, 2019-  Andrea & Nick's Klein Stein broke a couple months after they received it (They didn't tell me how, but I suspect a canine). No problem - replaced!

March 17, 2020, A transdimensioanl postal collision resulted in a broken medium-sized Klein bottle arriving in Cleves, Ohio. After learning of this, I sent another to Nate - all's happy now!

2020 - July - 20: Amy, I"m sorry about the crack in your Klein bottle.  The replacement should arrive in two days. (yes it did!)

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