Polyhedra? Polyhedra!

Posters of polyhedrons. Posters of Polyhedra. Plenty of Polyhedra. 122 Polyhedrons for just $17

Planar polychrome poster pleasantly presents a polite plethora of popular Platonic polyhedron pictures!

Polyhedra Poster with Platonic solids, Archimedian solids, and Johnson solids<- click for a big view

This is the Peda Polyhedron Poster, where you'll find the 5 Platonic solids, the 15 Archimedean solids, 10 Prisms and anti-prisms, and ALL 92 JOHNSON SOLIDS!

Yes, you read that right - a 2-dimensional representation of 122 different polyhedra, resting on your favorite wall. Remind visitors of the many yet unexplored avenues of research. Your thoughts will take flights to vertices, faces, and symmetry groups.

So what's a Johnson solid? First, it's a polyhedron, so it's a solid, 3-dimensional object. It's everywhere convex, so there's no dents or holes. Each face is a regular polygon (like a square, a equilateral triangle, or stop-sign octagon). No two faces need be the same polygon. Finally, a Johnson solid isn't a member of the sets of Platonic, Archimedian, Prism, or anti-prism solids. 

Confused about anti-prisms? Just look 'em up on your Polyhedron Poster. Worried about Hebesphenomegacorona? You can't create it from a cut and paste of the Platonic & Archimedian solids. Instead, simply glance at your wall and find it at J-89

No shortcuts taken here - the Archimedian solids are shown with all chiral forms. Your poster includes both the lefthanded and righthanded enantiomorphs. Put that in your spellchecker, eh? Rumor has it that there may be a mistake somewhere in this collection. This, of course, makes your poster extremely valuable (remember how stamp collectors pay extra for errors and oddities?). I don't know what the mistake is, which makes your poster even more valuable!

Each polyhedron is made from the highest quality regular polygons: red triangles, green squares, yellow pentagons, magenta hexagons, purple octagons, and blue decagons. C'mon, haven't you always wanted a handful of purple octagons?

Your bedroom, dormatory, office, or cellblock can be graced with all 122 Polyhedra - printed with colourful ink on real, two-dimensional Canadian paper, a generous 0.127 mm thick, then overcoated with a protective enamel covering. Each poster is 56cm x 94cm (22"x37"), and comes packed with extra features, like ink, writing, two sides, four edges, and four corners (yep, it's Euler Characteristic is 2). It even smells like a high quality poster!

You'd expect to pay $30, $50, even $100 for so many polyhedrons ... but now, thanks to Acme's international quantity buying power, this poster can be yours for a mere seventeen smackers.

That's less than a fifteen cents per polyhedron! Most inhabited oblate spheroidal planets cost more!

Look at all the good things that come with your Polyhedron Poster: Each of the 122 colourful polyhedra comes with a name - way more interesting than memorizing that many digits of pi.

Have you ever met a Gyrate Bidiminshed Rhombicosidodecahedron? Well, shake hands with Johnson Solid #82. How about an Augmented Truncated Tetrahedron? Make friends with J65. Lots of geometric goodies, all waiting for your exploration.

And then there's the Elongated Square Gyrobicupola, Johnson number 37. It's locally vertex-uniform, with the same four faces at each vertex. At first glance, you'll think that it's the same as a Rhombicuboctohedron, and therefore an Archimedian solid. But look again ... it's vertex-intransitive! (Studying the chemistry of Vanadium Oxide? Well, the polyvanadate ion of 18 Vanadium atoms and 42 Oxygen atoms forms an Elongated Square Gyrobicupola - and some people say that modern math has no utility... )

But wait - there's more! A copyright symbol. A maple-leaf showing that it's proudly printed in Canada, an important first-world nation. The entire backside of this poster is unprinted, so you can doodle and try to create new Johnson solids, (although Victor Zalgaller proved that there's only 92 of 'em)

Your poster comes rolled (not folded) in a cylindrical tube, whose volume equals its height times π r². I'll use a thick, doublewalled, three-part mailing tube, 5x61cm (2x24"). Hey - with a couple lenses, you can turn that tube into a quickie telescope!

If you order a Klein bottle along with this, I'll send the poster in a separate mailing tube, I'll usually send the poster via US Post 1st class mail or UPS ground. I won't ship it via UPS 3-day or overnight service (too expensive!). Don't worry about shipping - I'll do the right thing.

Don't let this opportunity get away - just $17. Locally Euclidean. Worth more than a politician's promise!


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Cliff last updated this page on October 5, 2023, after he realized that he had set the price so low that he had been losing five dollars on every poster he sold.