Help empty my attic!

My wife says it's time to clear out stuff from the 20th century. Things that date back decades ... books, optics, old gear.

* * *

Hardback copies of my first book, The Cuckoo's Egg. Hardback. New old stock, unread. 323 pages printed on the finest quality 55 pound Glatfelter paper. *ALL GONE* *The last one left here on July 13, 2014 -- and my wife is delighted to reclaim our closet!*

This book is straight from 1989, back before my hair turned gray. It's the true story about how I caught a spy over the early Internet.. Some of the technology feels antique (2400 baud modems), and the author feels a quarter century older. So get a copy while I'm still able to sign it..

By default, I will autograph this book to you. Alternatively, I'm happy to sign it to a friend of yours, or leave it unsigned. (tell me what to do in the comments section of the order form)

Send me email if you want a copy of Cuckoo's Egg in another language - I have a few in Czech and Dutch; possibly one or two in Spanish and Chinese, and maybe a couple other languages.

Each of these books comes complete with book jacket, 323 pages, lots of nouns, verbs, prepositions, and even a few participles (whatever thosea are). I guarantee that I wrote the whole book (six months of pecking on a MacPlus during 1988)

If you want 10 copies, oh, do I have a deal for you! (yep, I have about two dozen of these books, still in their original boxes) *SOLD - GONE - NO MORE*

Buy a copy of The Cuckoo's Egg and make my wife really happy...

* * *


Beamsplitter Cubes -

I have about a dozen beamsplitting cubes made by Melles Griot. These are glass cubes made from a pair of right-triangule prisms cemented together. Shine a light (a laser or any other light) and half goes straight through, the other half goes out at 90 degrees. (well, a percent or so is lost in transit).

Or you can use one as a beam combiner.

These are neat to fool with - precision optics, specially overcoated, neat, nice reflections. Like most highly polished optical surfaces, treat these delicately if you wish to use them professionally. But they make great classroom displays (students will fool around with 'em and get fingerprints on them). They're cool to put on a sunny windowsill - rainbows & beams come trilling off of 'em. (I've used these in measuring the speed of light - a modulated laser pointer is split into a long path & a short path; both got to pin diodes and are displayed on a dual-trace oscilloscope) They're perfect for making interferometers.

I have three Melles-Griot 2-inch beamsplitting cubes. These are hefty pieces of glass - about 12 ounces. Beautiful glass cubes! They're expensive from Melles-Griot (part BSC-700-1000-200 costs $561).

Need a beamsplitter? I'll send one of these 2 inch cube beamsplitters to you for $150 each, free shipping

I also have two 60mm beamsplitter cubes - BIG! Each weighs almost 2 pounds - neat for imaging. And a half dozen other beamsplitter cubes of about 40mm on a side. Then there's a collection of pellicles, pentaprisms, optical lenses, right angle prisms, 2 inch square color glass filters, If you use this stuff, please email and I'll send some photos to you. (The smallest 1 inch beamsplitter cubes are all sold)

Also - several mechanical calculators - by Friden, Marchant, and Monroe. If you need a Friden mechanical calculator, well, send me a note. They are very difficult to ship (50+ pounds) but if you're visiting Berkeley...

Many thanks! -Cliff Stoll